What is EZ Baccarat and how to play it?

ez baccarat

EZ Baccarat rules and strategies

EZ Baccarat mostly played at Macau casinos, and according to its rules, in case of the banker wins having three cards with 7 points, his bet is increased.

Besides, the so-called Panda 8 and Dragon 7 side bets can be added here. Although EZ Baccarat online is not as popular as at land Asian casinos, professional players choose it pretty often.

How to play EZ Baccarat

Traditionally, EZ Baccarat involves tables with eight (or even up to 21) seats. Each hand’s value depends on the total sum of the points. As in any other game of this type, Ace is always one, and face cards and “10” bring nothing. Only cards with numbers from 2 to 9 are considered.

There is a rule that works here: when a player gets over 9 points the last digit is considered. Take, for example, 3+8 =11. In this case, the player has one point (last digit in “11”).

Besides, other rules work:

  • When playing EZ Baccarat like any other game including Mini-Baccarat, the gambler gets 9 points, he wins;
  • One can win with 8 points, but “9” beats it;
  • Gamblers have more bet options.

These bets are paid depending on the type of this bet. The coolest one here is Dragon 7 that is 40:1. Panda 8 is 25:1. A Dragon 7 is the position when a Banker becomes a winner with 7 points from 3 cards. Accordingly, Panda 8 is the combination that gives 8 points from 3 cards (for example, 2+2+4).

Playing process

When playing this game, gamblers bet on the Banker, Dealer or these 2 positions mentioned above (Panda 8 and Dragon 7). Then, 2 cards are taken from the shoe and dealt with each one. The third card is optional, and it might be dealt with players later.

According to the EZ Baccarat strategy, it is never needed when a player gets 8 or even 9. If a player gets 0-5 points total, he hits. The gambler has to stand with 6-9. When the 3rd card is taken from the shoe, gamblers have no right to change their bets further.

Tips to win

EZ Baccarat house edge depends on the combination. With Panda 8, it reaches 10, 19%. With the banker bet, it can be under 1%, but usually, it is over 4%. With Dragon side wager, player risks, but if he wins, he gets a lot. Although the EZ Baccarat strategy might seem something that is not complicated, only sophisticated gamblers win using it.

The majority of them gamble at the best-rated real land Macau casinos in China and casinos in Australia. However, it is popular in the USA as well — over 160 gaming establishments offer it to the visitors, who want to make good money applying their own methods during the gaming process.